The leather briefcase is professional accessory for working men and women. Men in the working environment utilize it more frequently than women. A leather briefcase comes in a variety of different finishes and models. It is used mainly for purposes such as transporting documents and files. The leather briefcase can hold a significant amount of items. The interior of the leather briefcase consists of padding and holders to allow the storage of pens and other items. Padding is an important component of the leather briefcase. This allows the placement of delicate items. Penholders ensure that there is no leakage or contamination of documents via ink leakage. The exterior of the leather briefcase is made of high quality leather. The leather briefcase is resistant to spills and physical damage. This makes it the ideal storage place for items even at home.

The standard colors of the leather briefcase are chestnut, coffee and black. Many professionals choose to match suit colors with a leather briefcase. The leather briefcase is made by many different brand names. Each brand provides a warranty that will exceed the usage. A leather briefcase is a one time purchase and therefore worth whatever the investment. A leather briefcase comes with a handle that is made from stainless steel or bronze. A chrome finish is added to the handle to create a shine. The lock mechanism varies from simple clip on safety locks to combination locks. The combination lock utilizes a numerical sequence to unlock the briefcase. Using a 4 digit sequence, users will be able to rest knowing that their work documents are safely stored.

The leather briefcase is the ideal gift for professionals, students and even travellers. A leather briefcase is made from 100% leather and is capable of storing laptops and documents. It can carry several kilograms worth of items. The leather briefcase is extremely thin and can be stored below a car seat. Different grades of leather are used for leather briefcases. The higher the grade of leather used the greater the price of the leather briefcase. Users can have their names and phone numbers embedded on the case to prevent misplacement. The combination lock is made of high grade steel which cannot be broken easily.

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