las vegas wedding reception
by PunkJr

Question by Kaylyn O: Any good restaurants to have a wedding reception at in Las Vegas?
Im looking for a restaurant that would be good for a wedding reception. I live in Las Vegas, but if possible I would like to stay away from doing it at a hotel/casino. I dont want it to feel like a typical Las Vegas wedding. I would want the restaurant to either have a dance floor, or room to put one in, and enough room for about 60 people. Let me know any ideas or reccomendations you may have. Thanks!

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Answer by Deee
You sound just like me. I’m having my wedding ceremony and reception at Angel Park in March 2010. During the day it’s a restaurant and at night they are going to have the dj, dance floor and the entire place is mine for the wedding. Go check it out, it’s awesome!!

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