Question by Ashley A: Can Someone Please recomend a D.J for my wedding in San Francisco. (young, fun, and affordable) Please…?
Im am planning my July wedding and have everything but music. We are a young couple and looking for a fun up-beat D.J. to set the mood. If you have anyone in mind in the S.F. Bay Area please let me know…Thanks

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Answer by Sassy Bride
Yes, I do know someone as a matter of fact. He was the DJ at my wedding. He did an absolutely wonderful job…and he is a lot of fun!
His name is Doug. You can contact him at 925-864-4997
Or you can send him an email at:
I highly recommend him. You can tell him that April recommended you…he knows me 🙂
Where are you having your wedding?
If you want any more information about good vendors in this area (I searched forever and made sure I got the best deals – cake, flowers, alterations you name it!) I will be more than happy to recommend them if you want to send me an email. I feel like a pro after planning my wedding.
I hope that this helps! Good luck and congrats!

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