It might be a First Anniversary, a Golden Anniversary or anywhere in between.  However long you have been together it’s a great occasion for a celebration, and what better way to celebrate than by having a party.  Of course parties don’t organise themselves, so once you’ve made your guest list you will most likely need some help with things like party food, music or entertainment.

That’s where a party or entertainment company could help you out.  There are many available and if cost is an issue then the reputable ones will help you tailor your event to suit your budget.  Don’t forget to tell them what is really important to you and then you can work together to achieve this.  For example, if it is one of the major anniversaries like Silver, Ruby, or Gold then you may well want a colour theme at the party venue.  This is something which is really easy to achieve and the cost is unlikely to break the bank.

Likewise, if you are considering DJ Hire or booking a band make sure to tell them the type of music you and your guests enjoy.  Tell them how long you want them to play and what the venue is like.  A good DJ would want to check this out before the event if they have not played there before.  Some agencies even offer Karaoke Hire which could add a unique twist to your party.

DJ Sammy is a great example of someone who has worked in the entertainment industry for a number of years.  He recently told me “I like to work with the hosts in order to match their expectations as closely as possible.  I treat it as a partnership”.

Oh and don’t forget to mention “your song” if you want it to be played at some point in the evening.  Don’t worry if it’s not one of the really popular songs that everyone else seems to have as “their song”.  A good DJ will be able to track down most things, no matter how old or obscure you think it is!  After all, the event wouldn’t be complete if you had to do without a song which obviously means a lot to you.

So if you have an anniversary coming up, I hope this has inspired you to go and have fun and celebrate it in style this year.  There are plenty of reputable professionals who can help make sure that you enjoy it!

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