Most people believe that while the coming together of two people to join their lives together is the heart of the wedding, music is its backbone. No matter how beautiful the venue, how gorgeous the bridal party, or how delicious the food, without music, the celebration will be subdued and flat. There are many ways of providing your wedding with music.

Weddings are often held in a religious or spiritual setting, such as a church or chapel, but very frequently they are conducted in an outdoor setting; a garden or some other place of natural beauty. Most Western countries legally require some sort of roof over the heads of the bridal couple. This could be a bower of flowers, a tent, an awning, or a gazebo. The marriage ceremony in most cultures is typically romantic and frequently has religious overtones. The music matches this mood. It may be soft and gentle or boldly triumphant. It may involve live or recorded singing, live or recorded musical instrumental solos or groups, or it may entail an organ or a choir. Seldom is a Djs services necessary at this part of the wedding, but he may well be given the responsibility of organising the music or musicians, if that sort of thing is in his line.

Passing from the ceremony to the celebration, almost always and in all cultures, the music now portrays a vibe of joyous celebration. This is where the Disk jockeys talents come into their own.

When you hire a Dj for a wedding, there are several factors you would do well to think of.

What sort of music does he play. If it is for a very young wedding couple with lots of youthful friends, you would expect a Dj with a hip, fun, up-to-date music taste and a wide selection of popular, modern sounds. If it is an older couple or there are many older guests, he will have to have all the timeless favourites on hand. Most weddings have a cross section of all ages, from children to very elderly relatives. This means that your Dj will have to have a very wide selection of music for all tastes, and he will need to have the skill to see what is working and what isnt and adapt accordingly as he goes.

Although it doesnt always happen, you may not have been able to find a fun and interesting master of ceremonies among family or friends, who can skilfully help the flow of speeches, laughter and music along smoothly. Sometimes a Dj with a charismatic personality may be available to fill the post. Successful Djs do tend to be entertaining and outgoing types of people.

A last word; check out the equipment for sound production that the Dj has. The quality and type of sound, and its suitability to the venue, as well as lighting, strobes or other special effects are important to consider. Some offer smokey effects from haze machines, and confetti or streamer canons, usually reserved for the last dance.

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