Since the human race invented clothing it has become a lot of things from shields against the forces of nature such as heat and cold to symbols of the individual, culture, affluence, and even social belongingness. They say gazillion of things about the wearer. They are even part of the non-verbal language of the human race. It is logical that even business events clothes have played a great role in the attainment of the goals and objectives of the persons involved. In business, embroidered polo shirts have become important elements of standard clothing.

Their Uses

Embroidered polo shirts have several uses in business which include but are not limited to the following:

* Official company uniform that could be worn by all employees on a daily basis and during routine transactions such as sales, deliveries, and purchases
* Sports competition attire of your company against other companies or even during intracompany sports tournaments
* Standard attire during wash days when during the other business days you require your employees to come in suits and similar looking clothes
* Seminar attire during intracompany trainings and workshops
* Executive gifts to your prized customers, suppliers, colleagues, and contacts
* Birthday gifts to your employees
* Performance recognition awards given to employees who exceed the requisites or standards of their jobs
* Christmas and holiday presents to prospective customers to promote your company and products

All you have to do is have your company name, logo, slogan, or symbols embroidered on them. Anybody who sees them would surely immediately identify the wearer as part of your company or as a patron.

Styles and Designs

Embroidered polo shirts come in various shades of green, gray, blue, lavender, pink, cream, and yellow. They also come in black and white. Some are plain colored while others are combinations of two or three colors. Their styles and designs are usually classified according to their cut and material. Some of these styles and designs are called:

* Pima cotton pique polo shirts that have ribbed welt collars and cuffs that are decorated with twill tapes. They have extended tails which are ideal to be worn during casual transactions.
* Knitted jersey polo shirts that are usually made of polyester and cotton.
* Cotton polo shirts with contrast panels where you can have your company logo embroidered on.
* Pinpoint polo shirts with under plackets that can be used as daily business attire.
* Golf shirts with stripe trims that accentuate the built of the wearer.

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