Question by laura s: frostproof turtle pond??
living in Tampa Bay Fl I have a 300 gallon pond that used to be a planter bed…two filters..6 juvinile res and a few fish…we have a frost alert for wed(going down to 32). is there any suggestions to help keep some of the heat in this pond? It is in a large screen enclosure. If we use any chemicals in this enclosure i do use painters plastic over the top(tented) to be sure nothing gets near the babies…should I do something similar at night so they dont get too cold?I remember up north my grandfather used to make tents over some of his plant to keep them safe…not sure if i need to do anythin g at all…the pond down the street wont be frostproofed but they have mud and no one to care what happens to them….any suggestions wwould be great

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Answer by Kaska
I was told they don’t have to have mud they will settle down at the bottom of the pond and hibernate. Hope so because my turtles have no mudd.

They should be OK in Florida

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