Hervey Bay Wedding Photographers

Once you have found somewhere to hold your wedding the next thing that you need to think about is finding a photographer to take brilliant photos of your wedding. It can be really difficult to find a wedding photographer mainly because everyone is different.

You will carefully need to find a great photographer whose photos agree with your taste. You will also need to find a photographer that you like and get on well with. It’s important that you find a photographer that understands your needs and requirements, and may be also your idiosyncrasies.

Choosing carefully

The important thing is that you choose the best photographer so that you don’t lose any moments from your wedding. Your wedding will only happen once, and so you must make sure that all of these special moments are captured in all of their glory. It’s best if you hire a photographer that you feel comfortable with because he is not just responsible for taking photos, but also for organising the photos. They will be asking people to move into certain positions to get the best photos, which is why it will be easier if you hire someone that you get on well with.

Getting to know the photographer

Many people enjoy working directly with an independent photographer because they will be able to quickly and easily get to know the photographer. The problem with talking to some of the larger companies is that they might send a representative to talk to you, while subcontracting the work out to a freelancer or other third party. This means that you might not get to know the photographer that you are hiring. For your wedding it is important to carefully choose the right photographer, and for this you must get to know them personally. www.photographybyianbeattie.com.au

He is a successful landscape and nature photographer whose work has been published both here in Australia and internationally. With an eye for the creative and being well versed with the latest developments in digital technology he has an extensive client list.

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Our wedding on August 19, 2008 on the boat at Put-in-Bay