Question by SJSTYLES: How much should my wedding cost in the Bay Area?
I want to give her everything she wants but I’m not a millionaire. Were going to have around 150 guests and that alone seems to be $ 6-8,000. for food and drink. Still being realistic but not over the top, how much is a fair amount to spend on this one day party with out putting me in debt?

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Answer by mgonvelez
Consider this website to give you a general idea and estimate for cost of weddings in your area:

On an average, for the Bay area, consider approximately 30,000.00 35,000.00 for up to 150 guests (moderately priced budget wedding). Personally, I’d have the reception at a restaurant that can accomodate that many guests (you will avoid the extra headaches of dealing with a rental company for renting linens; silverware; tables; chairs……etc…..) dealing with caterers.

Restaurants and/or hotels (with banquet rooms) may cost a little more (example $ 65.00 & up per person), but they already have all of the equipment, staffing and accomodations built into their price. It’s less work for you to deal with.

Hope this helps you out.

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