Wedding is regarded to be the dream of each and every individual. It is the time when two individuals are united in marriage. Wedding traditions and customs fluctuate tremendously amongst cultures, ethnic groups, religions, nations and social classes. Wedding ceremonies are normally festive and gorgeous in typical. Generally speaking, the pictures from a wedding will be the happiest moments. Below are a number of humorous wedding ceremony images which by some means make you smile and loosen up. After searching at these pictures, you may possibly change your attitudes toward a wedding ceremony.


A nice black couple with their black bride cake.


Cute couple is wearing funny glasses.


Guess how extended this marriage will last.


Each bridegroom and bride adore guns.


They are enjoying snow together.


A wedding ceremony message on the shoes of the bridegroom… Help me!


A huge distinction amongst this couple.


A funny and distinctive wedding ceremony.


The really like of rock is expressed even in their personal wedding ceremony.


Who can help me escape from this hell?




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