Question by Lynn: I need info about cruise weddings. Is it very expensive?
We arent planning on everyone sailing with us, just having the wedding while at the port

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Answer by phantom_of_valkyrie
It is all over the board and there is a lot to research. First off Royal Caribbean. They have a large deal of info on their site but to sum it up–the price is higher in May/June, certain ships, and different ports of call. It’s about a 31 pg pdf to read through.

Several companies do their weddings through Royal Occasions. This would include Carnival and Holland.

Then of course the ship programs are each different as well. For example, the ship provides certain things for your guests. So for this wedding package, it includes just the bride and groom. This package includes just 8 guests. This one includes 20. There is additional charges per guest.

I’ve done a lot of this research myself. My sister just got married Apr 22 on St Thomas. What we decided to go with is this:

she got married on St Thomas, and we used Island Wedding Services Michelle was the wedding planner and she found the minister, took care of booking the location (we used Bluebeard’s Beach which was gorgeous), and the flowers (tropical bouquet mix and also perfect). She was amazingly fast with responding to emails.

Many ports you cannot get married at. Puerto Rico requires you to get your marriage license 24 hours in advance so that doesn’t work for cruise ships. For St Thomas, you can go to the courthouse the morning of and pick up your license.

Feel free to email me with any questions–we just got back yesterday.

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