Question by ariesalways411: Input on this….Wedding outside near or far?
Input on my thoughts…Id like an outside wedding with a gazebo or something at Hocking Hills, Ohio or Put in Bay, Ohio. We are in Akron, Ohio. And have few friends and family. Which most wont be able to travel to ethier. Should we just find something like that nearby? To have more people celebrate with us? With the traveling – Do we pay for guests or just our families? There is no wedding party other than our kids. Well he may want a best man – Does that mean I need a MOH?
I want a wedding dress. Im sure going to the court house is affordable for us but we kinda want the big day but also affordable. Thank You!

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Answer by The New Mrs. Nguyen
I would say- stay close to family and friends.

Despite media and marketing, if you make the day about celebrating with friends and family, rather than an “All About You” take, everyone ends up having more fun.

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