This era¬† provides the best in men’s style and fashion. Men have a lot of variety to choose from in todays fashion when it comes to choosing their clothes and accessories. Even when it comes to choosing footwear, there is a host of choices. The popular most styles in mens footwear nowadays is the mens Brogues. These shoes originated in the country of Ireland and Scotland during the 19th century. Those days, these shoes were basically worn by the peasants and workers in damp bogs.

Brogues typically have the criss cross lacing as well as the perforations on the shoe’s top or the uppers. It is these perforations or holes that make the shoes unique and different from other kinds of footwear from men. These holes are designed in ‘w’ shape resembling the Oxford shoe. However, these perforations during those days were not meant for style, they had a fucntion. Becuase of the presence of these holes water could seeping in the shoes could be drained out easily. Nowadays, too you will get these perforations in the uppers but they have no functional usage and are only meant for fashion.

Mens Brogues have turned out to be the popular most dress shoes in the footwear industry. They are even popular for evening wear as well as corporate wear and complements any type of formal attire. These shoes have a very simple look when compared to the conventional formal shoes. It is simplicity of these shoes that makes it distinguishable. Originally, the Brogues were made from untanned leather and were available only in brown shade but nowadays tanned leather being used in manufacturing the Brogues, there are many colours for shoe buffs to choose from. So, this means, Brogues being made of high quality leather are comfortable as well as durable and can even be found in different colours suiting your choice.

Because of the increasing demand for the men’s Brogues Shoes, there are several designs available. Some of the popular types of Brogues for men are Brogue Boots, leather Brogues, lace up Brogues, buckle Brogues, Country Brogues and many others. The perforations of these shoes differ from one shoe to the other. These shoes are mainly divided into quarter, half and full brogues depending on the number of perforations or holes available in the shoes. There are also many popele who classify the Brogues according to the style like Gibson or Derby and Oxford. These shoes are believed to be a completely different kinds of shoe by many shoe buffs.

The two tone Brogues are in craze among fashionable men. Men love wearing these shoes. You will look daring and be surely be identified in the crowd with these leather shoes on. The Fella Brogues from Fly London has also become the season’s hottest. These laced up mens Brogues have a cork inner sole with soft leather. These shoes are just a classic from Fly London featuring the latest in styles.

Mens brogues have a lasting impact on mens footwear collection. Different brands nowadays design and manufacture Brogues for different occasions. Grab your own pair of Brogues from before they run out of stock.