Question by Naru: old fashioned victorian wedding reception location in bay area?
hi everyone!!! i was wondering if anyone knew of a location that had a garden area outside (where the wedding ceremony would be done) and a building (i would like an victorian/old fashioned looking house) on the property where the reception could be held inside? im trying to look for one or something similar in the bay area, specifically santa clara, sunnyvale, san jose, cupertino, palo alto, menlo park area. thank you so much!

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Answer by BloopieBlooper
When are you getting married? My #1 Recommendation would have been Ardenwood Historical Farm in Fremont, CA. It has a victorian house, called the Patterson House. and you can even dress up in victorian clothes. There is a gazebo, an enclosed garden that many couples use for the reception (it has a dance floor and rooms for the bride and groom to use to get ready) , and a horse drawn carriage which the bride can ride up to the aisle in, and after the ceremony the guests can ride it around for a bit. My friend got married there about ten years ago and I was in her wedding and it was ABSOLUTELY gorgeous. She didn’t do victorian clothes and didn’t use the Patterson House, she just married in the Gazebo with the house in the background. Also, her Mom wrote “Ardenwood Historical PARK” on the invitation instead of “Historical FARM” to make it sound nicer. It does have a farm, but the farm is away from the house and garden. Check out pictures here.

Another great picture of the Garden Gazebo is here:

The reason I ask WHEN you are planning to get married is that for some reason Ardenwood Farm and the East Bay Regional Park District has chosen not to renew their contract with the current wedding planning firm Adrenwood Affairs that has done the weddings for years. They are not booking any new weddings for 2011, but plan to resume booking weddings in 2012. You can read more about that here. and probably ask East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) for more info.

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