This will mean the wow factor will well and truly be achieved.

Personalised wedding favour boxes can be purchased to match your wedding theme very closely as there a wide variety of shapes, styles and colours available. The photographs on websites don’t always match the colours of the product exactly so be careful if you are ordering straight away.

For you guests to be able to read your personalisation, make sure you choose a colour which shows up well. Black and other dark colours aren’t a good choice if your boxes are darker coloured, burgundy, chocolate brown or navy blue for example. Silver text doesn’t seem to show up very well on either dark or light coloured boxes so be careful when choosing this as a text colour.

Consider the style of the font that you use on your personalised favour boxes. Many print companies can and will offer a wide range of choice when it comes down to the style of font. If you are having a less formal wedding then a modern font works very well, whereas if it is a more formal affair then a classic, elegant style works better.

Pretty much all types of boxes can be printed on. If you are concerned, then handbag shaped boxes, heart shaped and classic square favour boxes all can have a personalisation print applied.

Printed tags which can be applied around the boxes and stickers which can be applied are two examples of workaround options offered by print companies – a peronalised element can always be applied to your wedding favour boxes.

So many other options are available from adding stickers to glass bottles, to tying tags around the handles of tin pail favours, even applying stickers to glass jars can make a wionderful gift.

Whatever you do to personalise your wedding favour boxes, you are sure to create something which is totally unique to your wedding and impress your guests.

Hunting high and low for more ideas for personalised wedding favour boxes? Visit our wide ranging library of examples at personalised favour boxes where you will find the biggest range of personalised wedding favour boxes and general wedding favours around.