Question by ariesalways411: Several wedding questions….TIA?
Small not far away outside wedding maybe.
Interested in Put n Bay and Hocking Hills- Ohio. Im also in Ohio, Akron. I have a small family and then I also have two young kids. Not too many friends. So Im sure not too many people would be able/willing to travel to ethier place. Should I still invite? With an outside wedding – Is there a back up place/plan if theres really bad weather? Do we need to have a reception. It will be small, I would be happy even if its just family. Where would a small reception be? Do we need a wedding party? (but my kids would be flower girl/ring boy) With bridemaid/maid of honner – I do have a sister but I think Id rather a friend instead if I must. Is that ok. I dont want to hurt sister, When I was 16 she had me as a bridemaid when she married her ex and I think it was just so I was involved. So I dont know if I have to repay that back. With the ceramony being outside do we still get music?

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Answer by Lady Liberty
You can do whatever you want.
It would probably hurt your sister’s feelings if she was not your bridesmaid–so either opt out or have two, I think. Don’t think of it as “repayment.”
You can have music at the ceremony or not. Since you’re not having a huge wedding, I think hiring someone to play the violin or cello would be quite beautiful if you wanted it.

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