Question by shannon: Stressed out about my wedding advice please!?
I am really stressed out about everything, who to invite, what venue to have it at, etc. I called a few churches that I wanted to have it at (and was going to join their church) and they were so rude and unkind that I really don’t even want to have it in a church and then we were thinking about having it on the beach because his grandpa lives by the Chesapeake Bay and then I was worried about the breeze from the bay blowing sand and the cost of renting out tents, tables, etc. I feel like I am compromising on the wedding I wanted because I cannot afford it, a Maymont wedding is too expensive, so is the Carillon at Dogwood Dell and the prettier churches want to charge too much (the ones that will marry you without being a member are about $ 400-$ 500). I would prefer an outside wedding, can anyone give me some ideas? I live in the west end of Richmond, but would willing to travel to a nice, but affordable venue (under $ 300). The church we have decided on is marrying us only because his parents are members, but it really wasn’t what I envisioned, I wanted pews and stained glass windows, this church is modern and has chairs so I can’t really decorate it. As for the invitations my Mom was getting everyone’s address to send out invitations for my bridal shower but then my aunt said to put her daughter and daughter in law’s names on her invite because she thinks that they should be invited. They did invite me to their weddings but I didn’t go because we never even talk to them anymore so I feel like I am doing it to pacify her and I only wanted to invite people that I actually am still in contact with and I wanted it to be small (80 people or less) and his brother is upset because he was not asked to be the best man…In my wedding I am getting my Mom to give me away, I am having a junior bridesmaid and a ring bearer and that is all. He asked his best friend because it is his best friend and his brother has a way of showing up to family functions in a bad mood because of something that happened earlier in the day to him and being in a bad mood for the rest of the day. Ugh I am so stressed out about it and we are going to talk to him about his attitude and if he is in a bad mood then to stay home and I hate it that people feel that they have to go out and buy new clothes for this occasion (and my fiance’s parents would have to buy clothes for themselves and his brother and SIL), I told them to just wear what they have. My cousins I haven’t seen in over 10 years and they have children I have never met, you never hear from them unless they want money and they never come to any of our family functions.
Also, if anyone knows of an inexpensive rental for a tent, chairs and tables in the Chesapeake Bay area let me know!
Thanks for the kind answers everyone and yes I am really stressed out, not just over the wedding. There is a lot more going on with me than I will include in this and it is a bit overwhelming to me.

I agree, I was thinking about a wedding consultant but did not do it because of the cost, I was trying to have a nice, but not overly expensive wedding and we are going to the Bay to see if that venue will work for us this weekend weather permitting.

I agree, I think that I should just invite those that I would really even send a regular card to, and that would not include my cousins or a lot of my aunts and yes people are trying to make my wedding into theirs and I hate it.

As for the wedding/bridal magazines I will check them out and I like the idea of the binder to keep everything in order.

Personally I didn’t want to invite his brother at all since he is known to have a bad attitude but I feel like I “should” since his children are part of the wedding and he is “family”:/

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Answer by Pookie
I didn’t read all of that, its way too long, to many run on sentences, and its all in one big paragraph, you go from one thing to another….

your WAY over thinking everything, settle down, take a deeeeep breath, make yourself up a wedding binder and starting looking through magazines, check out a bunch of reception and ceremony options, put them in your binder, and decide to break down everything in sections, deal with one item at a time.

Start with your venues. That’s my suggestion.

Seriously though, breath, wedding planning is suppose to be fun, and if your already overwhelmed, your bitting off more then you can chew, slow it down, take a good look at whats important right this very second, worry about guest lists later, you might find a venue that only can accommodate 50 people, so dont confirm anyone just yet and dont rule out anyone just yet either, take it step by step.

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