Question by Virgil M: What’s the best hotel in Las Vegas, planning a wedding and bring 2 kids, (7 and 11 yrs old)?
I am planning to get married in Vegas in October. We are trying to figure out the best options for the wedding either at a hotel or a wedding chapel. We have about 25 people and need about 10 rooms. Plus, I want to bring my 2 kids (7 and 11 years old) with us and need something fun for them to do. Of course we plan on going to the Hoover Damn. Any Suggestions? I guess there are 3 questions there!

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Answer by dukeofnewyork03
Many casinos in Las Vegas have chapels inside, so the question is really where do you want to get married? If at the casino, then just pick the one that interests you the most. As far as the best, it really comes down to personal preference. If you have kids then you will not want to stay at one of the casinos that is merely high-end but one that also has pools and other entertainment options for them. I think Caesar’s might be a good choice for you and your family, or perhaps the Mirage. The Venitian is nice as well. I suggest looking into each and seeing what offers the most of what you want. In Vegas you can get pretty much anything you want, you just need to be willing to pay for it, and based on what you wrote I imagine you are. As far as a trip to the Hoover Dam, I suggest renting a car and driving there. It is really not that far of a drive and gives you a chance to get away from the Strip. Of course why not rent a limo if you have the money to spend. Again, if price is no option, you can do whatever you want. Maybe a helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon; you can get a flight and brunch at the bottom of it for around $ 350 a person I believe. Enjoy your wedding!

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