When the reception formalities are over it is time to get the real party started and that means choosing some great wedding songs to get everyone dancing. But choosing your wedding songs can be something of a fine art. How many weddings have you been to when one particular track has cleared the dance floor in seconds?

For most couples hiring a DJ is the best option for their wedding entertainment. It means they don’t need to appoint someone to handle the music through a possible wholly inadequate sound system and an experienced wedding DJ will know exactly the right songs to play to keep the party going.

However, you should never leave the choice of songs down to the DJ. Make sure they know that you will need to have a range of songs that will appeal to people of all ages, whether it’s grandma in her eighties or your best friend in her twenties. It is best to avoid B-sides and obscure tracks which your guests will not be familiar with. That said you can include some songs if they are particular favorites of yours and you can choose whatever you like for your first dance together.

If you are struggling to get a play list together then stick with party classics from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s which the majority of your guests will be familiar with and which will have broad appeal. You will also need to order your tracks to keep the party momentum going through the night.

The first hour and the last 20 minutes are the liveliest times, so you will need to pace the music in between. If you are bringing out a buffet later on then organize some slower music for half and hour or so whilst people have something to eat and also to give your DJ a break.

At the end of the night you will need to organize a way wrap the party up and let your guests subtly know it is time to go home. Here are a few tricks to adopt:

Organize a going-away ceremony even if you are only retreating to hotel room. Toss your bouquet and say some tearful goodbyes to family and friends. It is a good indicator to your guests the party is all but over.

Ask your DJ to call time on the party by playing a couple of choice wedding songs to get everyone up and dancing. This is a good way to make sure everyone ends the night on a high and are ready to retire to bed!

Finally, if none of the above work then it is time to use some underhand tactics such as changing the music from lively to slow with some romantic wedding songs. The slowness of the music should put your guests in the mood to call it a night and leave.

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