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by Carl_C

Question by SKC: Wedding venue Bay Area over 200 people?

I’m trying to find a wedding venue in the Bay Area and am having a hard time of it. We’re having probably 215 people and want big dancing. We need a place for the ceremony and the reception that is not $ 10k site fee or room rental.

Anyone have suggestions? We’ve checked out the Marine’s Memorial Club; the Palo Alto Hills Country Club; the Mill Valley Community Center.
Thanks for the herecomestheguide suggestion. I’ve combed through it and it’s has been helpful. It’s helpfulness has maxed out though because it does not give accurate estimates of guests for dinner and dancing. Hence, yahoo answers. Any other answers?

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Answer by ☼☼sunny_girl☼☼
look at this website
they have a long list of venues that have pictures and information about places all over California

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