Question by weddingsatsunset: Where can I promote my small wedding business for free?
I am a non-demoniation Minister/Wedding Officiant and Coordinator. I specialize in weddings on the Tampa Bay beaches. I LOVE love. I have married hundreds of couples. I personalize the ceremonies and each one is unique. My Karma account is full, but my bank account empty.

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Answer by dantronz
ideally your best form of advertising will come form word of mouth. If you specialise in a particular area this makes the task a little less daunting then it may seem.

I would suggest contacting the previous couples you have married and asking them how they are going. You might also ask that they give you a testimonial about how nice of a job you did. Also ask them to pass on your details to any friends who may be getting married or engaged – perhaps offer an incentive.

I would also suggest contacting the local media for a press release. I am you could write a short story of interest about love and marriage and link it back to something that is relevant to i.e “love and marriage during a recession’ i don’t know but think along those lines.

Local media always has to find story to run. you will be surprised how many stories are actually press releases people have sent it. To find more information about this I am you can find some information through a online search.

I would also suggest some partnerships with other aspects of the wedding and engagement business. Have you spoken to any wedding planners or bands, chapels, churches, invitation companies, etcc.. about making a joint venture – where you all will cross promote each others goods. I wouldn’t suggest going over the top to look tacky but this is also a good and free way to help you promote your self.

I would not suggest you use an email blast to find new clients. Email blasts are notorious for spamming people, you will likely annoy more then you get back in new business.

i would suggest going to amazon and picking up a few basic marketing books. they are generally pretty cheap and have some good ideas to start with. Look for Seth Godins work or Guerrilla marketing books. they tend to be quite good too.

good luck

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