Regardless of where you work or what title you hold, the holidays seem to spark the desire in most people to sparkle a little more than usual.  This doesn’t have to mean that your actual clothing sparkles; but that you do from the inside out.  Ok, maybe a little from the outside too.

Holiday attire is fun and festive, even at work.  Colors may be a little brighter or one may decide to show their holiday spirit through special holiday themed jewelry or dress.  To add some life to your holiday work attire, there is no need to go over the top.  There is no need to even splurge.  In fact, you can add a great deal of holiday spirit to your wardrobe simply and subtly with your ID lanyard.

ID badge lanyards are a part of the everyday work attire of millions of people.  In today’s security minded society, it is necessary for employees to display proper identification while in the workplace.  For the most part, these measures are quite reassuring and welcomed.  When you know that you can turn wearing an ID badge into a functional and stylish piece of clothing, your day gets even brighter.

Instead of wearing the standard HR issued ID badge clip, employees can find ID badge lanyards in all sorts of colors, styles and designs.  ID badge lanyards are ideal for carrying identification because they are convenient, well-priced items that adequately display badges at work.  The ID lanyard doesn’t clip onto clothing; but slips around the neck; an ideal solution for those who do not wish to wear a clip on delicate clothing.

When the holidays roll around, you can turn to the ID lanyard you wear and find ways to use this regularly used piece to display and enhance your holiday appearance.  Of course, this same principle applies all throughout the year.  However, when winter is in full swing and all you want to do is show how much you love the season, you can let your ID or keys hang from the end of an ID lanyard featuring holiday lights or snowflakes.  

For those who want to be more subtle but still add special holiday panache to the work day, ID badge lanyards simply featuring sparkling beadwork may be the best option.  Beads, vs. rope on a lanyard are more noticeable and actually look more like jewelry than the function piece they really are.

ID badge lanyards, even when adorned with sparkly beads, are strong and durable; ideal for carrying keys and badges.  Some feature retractable badge reels that facilitate easy swiping for electronic keys.  Instead of fumbling through pockets all through the day, one can easily pull their electronic key down from the end of their ID lanyard and slide it through the electronic key reader.  

ID badge lanyards are one of the best ways to show holiday sparkle at work because they are items that are already highly used.  A lanyard is a reasonably priced item that can be easily found online; and offers ample convenience with a good dose of style.

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